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It started with mom and her beautiful voice and dad and his ukulele. I have so many wonderful memories of singing with my family. My love for music grew from there.

I started singing publicly when I was around 15. I felt like the Lord was calling me to minister through music as my life calling. I was determined to study voice and figure out how to sing better! That's how I ended up studying music at the University of Southern California. It was challenging and overwhelming and magnificent. I started to wonder if my plans about contemporary Christian music were just the thing the Lord used to bring me to the world of opera. Arias are fun and difficult and even sometimes God inspired! But the more I trained, the more I longed to sing music to the Lord and about His beautiful story! This was the music I truly connected with at a deep soul level.

I had to make a decision. Would I continue training to be a lyric soprano and jump into the world of opera? Or would I continue singing contemporary music cuz you can't sing both? (It kinda messes with the technical stuff.) I chose the "deep soul" connection. It really was the Lord who told me when I was a teenager that this was what he was calling me to! It was then that I began my journey as a songwriter. I needed something to sing!

My album, Greater Mystery was written out of my in-depth study of God's Word. I write songs as a way of flushing out some of the truths I learn. I enjoy songwriting and I enjoy singing the songs the Lord gives me the strength to write. But my real passion is leading God's people in worship. That is what truly makes my heart leap. I love and even ache to lead worshippers to worship in spirit and truth.

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